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Alfie Conquest

Alfie Conquest is Boo's friend. He is the first student Boo met at Plumwood. He is smart, strange, and a little brave. Alfie is another student in School of Battle that does not die. He made friends with Nina and Roseia on his 2nd day at Plumwood. Alfie and Boo are hardly in any classes together, but he is good at Mind reading. Alfie's first appearence was in "Dreams" episode. He accidently walks into Boo's dorm. Alfie looks just like Mr. Winkler. Alfie's last appearence is in "The Last Battle Part 3". Aaron Noble plays as Alfie Conquest. He would describe him as shy, confused, friendly, smart and a little brave. "Alfie is the one who shows Plumwood students who they actually are!" says Aaron Noble. "Alfie is my 4th favorite character to be!" he also says. Alfie is one incouraging student and is always on the case!