Alison DuBois
Vital statistics
Title Alison DuBois
Gender Female
Age 14
Hair Color Brown (blonde streaks)
Eye Color Brown
Birthday July 7, 2000
Occupations Student
Family and Friends Polly


Allison was Boo's best friend at Firewood. Her three sisters are Anne, Polly, and Judine. She first appeared in the 20 Firewood short series where Boo wants to make MacCready headmaster because there is a new mean headmaster. In Prologue, she was devastated that Boo was leaving to a new school called Plumwood. In Firewood School, she was a student who was happy to see Boo finally visit after 4 months at Plumwood. Allison was the True Blooded which meant that she had the blood that made the elixir 100% perfect. It is unknown if her blood was used in the final drink in Part 3.


  • Every Firewood Episode