Anne was a vampire witch from Firewood that was part of the Firewood Kid Cooking Class Phone Operation. She was introduced in Firewood School as Anne. Her father was revealed to be the evil vampire that is part of the evil bloody knights. Anne is a vampire that doesn't really want to bite wizards or witches. She was sent to Firewood by her mother, Annabeth. Her mother sent her so that Anne wouldb't get into any evil bloody knight stuff. Anne's relationship with her father is poor because she hates him and wishes that he would just quit being part of the evil bloody knights.


Boo Beckett (2008-present) Edit

Her and Boo have been friends since Boo went to Firewood. She is a great friend. Boo and her are said to be best friends. They have been in a few fights possibly in the past.

Appearances Edit

  • Firewood School (first appearance)
  • Ghouling Around
  • Return to Firewood
  • Ministry of Plumwood
  • The Leather Booted Principal (final appearance)