Benny Greentail
Benny Greentail
Vital statistics
Title Benny 'Man in Black' Greentail
Gender Male
Age 14
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Orange
Birthday 1937
Occupations Student and Bloody Knight
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Benny Greentail or best known as the Man in Black first appeared in The Battle for the Wand. His face was never revealed until the final episode when Sarah and Elizibeth took off his cloak. The Man in Black's real name was revealed in The Book. Also in The Book, Mr. Winkler killed him and then he turned into a man in black and joined Mr. Winkler and his Bloody Knights. His bloody, masked face was revealed and was covered in blood.


  • The Battle for the Wand (first appearance)
  • The Book
  • The Picture Frame
  • Ghouling Around
  • Firewood's Problem
  • The War Begins
  • The Battle, Part 1
  • The Battle, Part 2
  • The Battle, Part 3 (final appearance)