Boo Beckett
Vital statistics
Title Boo 'Boo Boo' Beckett
Gender Male
Age 14
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Birthday October 5, 1998
Occupations Student at Firewood (formerly)
Family and Friends Lord Beckett

Meina Hesita

Boo Beckett is the main character of School of Battle. Boo Beckett attedned Firewood Magic School before Plumwood. He is the one trying to get all the treasures before Winkler. But he is having some trouble on his own. Meanwhile, he gets some help from his friends, Alfie Conquest, Nina Smithe, Roseia Smithe, and Edward. But since Boo knows all about the treasures, Mr. WInkler tortures him the most. The first time in School of Battle that Mr. Winkler tortures is in Episode 2 also known as Winkler's first appearence. Boo's first appearence was in the first episode ever. Brandon Rumsch plays as Boo Beckett. He would describe Boo as brave, cool, mean, nice, and intelligent. And of course everyone has a signature spell, Boo Beckett's is the Disorient charm. The Disorient charm helps Boo defeat Mr. Winkler at the final Battle. In fact the first spell Boo learned was the Disorient charm. Boo used to go to Firewood school. But then his father brings him to school of Plumwood where he learns about magic. But in the end, Boo feels like he was struck by lightning as the school burns down and his teachers die.


Season 1Edit

  • Prologue/School of Groove
  • Mr. Winkler
  • Been Hung
  • The Wand
  • Nina & Roseia
  • Dreams
  • The Disorient Charm
  • Summer Vacation and Bye Bye Term 1
  • Back at Plumwood/Boathouse
  • Firewood School
  • Wand Pods
  • That Cute Dog
  • Battle for the Wand

Season 2Edit

  • McGonagall Returns
  • The Lady
  • The Book
  • The Picture Frame
  • Detention
  • Ghoulmate
  • Sink Ghost
  • Ghoul Credit
  • Ghouling Around
  • Appreciance Day
  • The Cellar

Season 3Edit

  • Sleepy Teaching
  • The Caretaker
  • The Lady Returns
  • Enchanted Garden
  • Vordamason
  • Look Within
  • Video Camera
  • Christmas Goblins
  • The Ball of Light
  • The New Teacher
  • A Technical Problem
  • Re-Ghouled
  • Back to Firewood
  • History of Plumwood
  • Rock Around the Clock
  • Full Moon

Season 4Edit

  • Welcome to Plumwood, Delia Angelini
  • The Angel?
  • Parry Hotter's Premiere of Angels and Spells
  • The Sleepover
  • Welcome Back, Mason
  • Back Home, Again
  • Ghoul Love
  • Wizard of the Year
  • Mr. Winkler's Diary
  • Caretaker's Secret
  • Plumwood Park
  • Ministry of Plumwood
  • Plumwood King
  • The Leather Booted Principal
  • The War Begins
  • Firewood's Problem
  • Planning Prom
  • The Battle Three-Part Trilogy

Relationships (love interests)Edit

  • Nina Smithe
  • Alison
  • Marley
  • Izzy