Wesley Wilson

Edward Florence

Edward was mentioned in The School of Groove but it later was announced he was a new student after Boo Beckett was.His next appearance was in Sleepy Teacher. Him and Alfie are in Detention. For some reason Boo isn't in that episode. Boo said; "It was for a new episode I was writing called Wizchanted Tournament." Edward is in Appreciance Day but his face is not seen. On his first day of Plumwood Mr. Winkler injured him so in Enchanted Garden he tries to rub the scar off. His next, surprising appearance was in Video Camera. He is then in all the Wizchanted Tournament he tries to enter the Tournament but he does not get in. His first appearance in Season 4 is the Sleepover. . His final appearances are, The Battle for Plumwood and the Final Chapter. Wesley Wilson plays as Edward Florence.