Elizibeth Swanner
IMG 5824
Vital statistics
Title Elizibeth Swanner
Gender Female
Age 7
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Birthday Unknwon
Occupations Student
Family and Friends Sarah Winkler


(Picture on right: Girl on left is Elizibeth) Elizibeth was a first year and was friends with Sarah and Poltergeist.

Elizibeth was a witch of many talents and was great friends with Hesita, Sarah, and Poltergeist. She did survive the battle but with serious injuries. She was lead to the balcony of Plumwood during the battle by Shabooboo with Sarah, Poltergeist, Hesita, and an unknown first year.

File:Shabooboo's Group.PNG


  • Plumwood Park (first appearance)
  • Battle for Plumwood Part 2
  • Battle for Plumwood Part 3 (final appearance)