Fabian Zackson
Vital statistics
Title Fabian L. Zackson
Gender Male
Age 12
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Birthday 2000
Occupations Student
Family and Friends Ifhan Inchers

Izzy Zackson

Fabain Zackson is a student at Plumwood who is played by an unknown actor. In the last episode Nina and Ifhan are talking to him and then he falls into a herd of spiders. Fabian's signature spell is Dimindo becuase he tries to say the spell and shrink the spiders but the spiders then eat him. Fabian is a character no one really knew well because he only has 3 lines and is only in one episode. Fabian is a very smart student because at the end of the last episode Myzra says, "My smartest student, Fabain is gone!" Fabian first appeared in That Cute Dog, celebrating that Boo was now a cute dog.


  • That Cute Dog
  • Ghoul Credit
  • Parry Hotter and the Premiere of Angels and Spells
  • Wizard of the Year
  • Planning Prom
  • The Battle, Part 1
  • The Battle, Part 3