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This particular first year girl was named Hesita. She was a first year along with Sarah, Elizibeth, and Poltergeist. Hesita's first appearance was in Parry Hotter and the Premiere of Angels and Spells. In that episode, she was with Sarah and Elizibeth. In the Battle, Part 2: Hesita was at prom with her friends and soon fleed the prom after Caretaker's warning of it being attacked. In the Battle Part 3, Hesita was seen a lot with Sarah and Elizibeth in the battlefield. Hesita was seen a lot in Part 3 including cheering on Sarah when she dueled Isaih during a big battle in the gardens. She did survive the battle because she was seen celebrating with Plumwood in the Hospital Wing.


  • Parry Hotter's Premiere of Angels and Spells (first appearance)
  • The Battle, Part 2
  • The Battle, Part 3 (final appearance)