Vital statistics
Title General Info
Gender Female
Age 11
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Birthday 2000
Occupations Student
Family and Friends Misty and Molly

Marley was three of three triplets that went to Firewood. She had a crush on Boo. Marley's middle name is Marison. Marley in Ghouling Around said that she missed Boo.

In Back at Firewood, Marley mentioned that she was now learning how to apparte because before she had not.

In the Ministry of Plumwood, Marley is seen but does not have a speaking roll.

In the Leather Booted Principal, Marley said that she wanted to become headmaster someday at Firewood.

In Firewood's Problem, Marley rescues Molly and Misty who are attacked by Savage Beast.


  • Ghouling Around
  • Back to Firewood
  • Ministry of Plumwood
  • The Leather Booted Principal
  • Firewood's Problem
  • Part 3