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Mason Ghouly

Mason Ghouly was Boo Beckett's roommate a.k.a. ghoulmate. His first appearance was in Ghoulmate when Boo finds that he has a ghoul roommate. Mason stays being Boo's roommate after Ghouling Around. Aaron Noble plays as Mason, "When I first played Mason, I loved his costume!". His shocking 1 hour appearance was the last episode he was in. It is Ghouling Around Part 1, when Mason leads Boo and his friends into a trap. Part 2 is where he loses his powers. On September 12th, it was announced Mason had returned to the set for more than 10 episodes in Season 4. In the episode Battle of the Treasures Part 3, he returns unexpected. He is fighting with a werewolf while Sarah, Boo, and Myzra watch in horror. "The reason I chose to be a Ghoul was because towards the end of Season 2, I hardly was on any episodes. It felt great to be Mason!" Aaron Noble says. Mason's signature spell is Snipindo. In the Battle of the Treasures Part 3, Mason uses Snipindo to kill the werewolf he battles. Mason is one Ghoul-fastic character!


  • Ghoulmate
  • Mr. Winkler's Office
  • Sink Ghost
  • Ghoul Credit
  • Ghouling Around
  • Re-Ghouled
  • Season 4