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Mrs. McGonagall

Mrs. McGonagall is the teacher of Apparation. Her first appearence is in the first episode. In the episode School of Groove she teaches Boo about Theater. In The Wand she screams at Boo because the treasure was stolen from her office. Her next appearance is in the epside Disorient when she teaches them that certain spell. She was supposed to be in Season 2 and 3 but they ommited her because the series needed to focus more on Boo and the treasures. It is said that she got kidnapped and sent to the Cellar. It is unknown how she escaped because in Part 1 The Evil Contessa kills her. McGonagall is then seen in Part 3 trying to kick Mr. Winkler as a ghost. Aaron Noble also plays as Mrs. McGonagall. He would describe her as funny, daring, incouraging and a great teacher! McGonagall's office is mentioned and seen thorughout the series. It is described as a fake kitchen, a TV, a chest where the wand was, and horrible hiding places such as a toy box. McGonagall's signature spell is Aqua Pura. I'd have to say, McGonagall is one great teacher!


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

  • McGonagall Returns

Season 3Edit

  • The New Teacher
  • Rock Around the Clock

Season 4Edit

  • The Battle Three-Part Trilogy (Parts 1 and 3)