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Mrs. Myzra

Mrs. Myzra is the teacher of Apparation. She happens to be Boo's favorite teacher. She went into the cellar with Boo, Nina, and Roseia. But she gets captured through the apparation. Mrs. Myzra's signature spell is Vortamason. She teaches her class this in The Dreams Episode. Mrs. Myzra is a main character. Her first appearence was in Episode 2. She is one teacher that does survive. Mrs. Myzra is a kind, nice, awesome, magical teacher that comes once in a lifetime. Aaron Noble also plays as Myzra. He would describe her as nice, kind, a little mean, brave teacher. She is the one that hands Boo his wand. Mrs. Myzra taught at Plumwood for over 20 years. She always loved it! When Plumwood was destroyed, she was crying because she didn't want Plumwood destroyed. She said nothing could replace Plumwood. That Plumwood was her home and no other school could replace it. Mrs. Myzra is one awesome teacher!


Season 1Edit

  • Mr. Winkler
  • The Wand
  • The Disorient Charm
  • Summer Vacation and Bye Bye Term 1
  • Back at Plumwood/Boathouse
  • Wand Pods
  • That Cute Dog
  • Battle for the Wand

Season 2Edit

  • The Lady
  • Ghouling Around
  • Appreciance Day
  • The Cellar

Season 3Edit

  • Sleepy Teaching
  • Christmas Goblins
  • The Ball of Light
  • Full Moon

Season 4Edit

  • Welcome to Plumwood, Delia Angelini
  • The Angel?
  • Parry Hotter's Premiere of Angels and Spells
  • Back Home, Again
  • Wizard of the Year
  • Plumwood Park
  • The Leather Booted Principal
  • The War Begins
  • The Battle Three-Part Trilogy