Nina & Roseia
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date March 30, 2012
Written by Aaron Noble and Sarah Knobler
Directed by Sarah Knobler
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The Wand
Firewood School


New twins, Nina and Roseia join Plumwood but what's in store for them and what are they hiding?; Boo meets Nina and Roseia in Herbology; Mr. Winkler tortures Nina and Roseia.


  • Nina and Roseia were mentioned by Boo in the first, second, and third episodes and were said to be going to school there.
  • During the Herbology class, you can hardly hear the discussion but you can hear Beery teaching about strangling plants.


  • Boo Beckett
  • Nina Smithe
  • Mr. Winkler
  • Roseia Smithe
  • Professor Beery

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