Pentrate Efiskey

Pentrate Efiskey sacking Fidilious

Pentrate Efiskey is the Minister of the Bloody Knights. His first appearence was in War Begins when he was becoming Minister. He was also in a deleted scene when it shows him arriving at Plumwood with Contessa. He is also in The Last Battle Part 3 where him and Minister Fidilious are dueling. Pentrate does not die. He is the only Bloody Knight that survives. Aaron Noble plays as Pentrate Efiskey. "Pentrate is one of my favorite characters to play as!" Aaron Noble says. Pentrate is also in a scene where he and Forginsher are dueling in the Last Battle part 3. He is also seen when Fidilious is sacking him. He is locked up in chains and screaming "I HATE YOU!" in chains. Pentrate is the worst Minister the Ministry has ever had!