Plumwood School is one of three schools of witchcraft and wizardry in the Plumwood Ministry.

Parts of PlumwoodEdit

Classroom A-Edit

Where most of the classes are located. This classroom is knonw to be mostly Myzra's.


The gardens are the classroom of Beery and Caretaker. The garden was much more beautiful in 1938.


The bridge is located by the wheatfields. The bridge is used to connect students and teachers from the lake and Plumwood. It first appeared in Part 3.

Boo's Dorm-Edit

Boo's dorm was located in the hallway by the first staircase. Boo's dorm has been shared with many roommates. Boo's first roommate was Mason who slept in the closet using a pullout wall bed.


The cellar was homed to McGonagall who was kidnapped by Contessa.

Mr. Winkler's Office-Edit

His office was located by the bathroom of Sink Ghost. Mr. Winkler is mostly in there working.

McGonagall's Office-Edit

Her office was her classroom where she taught 3 students at a time because it was very small.


The balcony was located in the back of Plumwood. It is said to be Shabooboo's classroom where she taught students.

Boo's Room at home-Edit

Boo's room at his house is green and has many Parry Hotter posters.

Bathroom A3-Edit

It is haunted by Toilet and Sink Ghost.


The boathouse was used for the Boathouse teacher's class when they were studying.


The kitchens are located on the top floor.

Sarah's Dorm-Edit

Sarah's dorm was located upstairs in a hallway by the kitchens. It was pink and you can see Plumwood Park through the window.

Dark Knight Forest-Edit

This forest was located on the sides of Plumwood scattering to Plumwood Park. This forest is the home of werewolves, vampires, bears, winged monkeys, and many other magical creatures. In the episode: Ghoul Credit, Myzra took the first years on a field trip in the forest meeting a nice vampire.


The park was located north of Plumwood and was the home of fortunes.

Mason's New Dorm-Edit

Mason got a new room in Season 4 because Boo did not want Mason to wake him up always like he did in Season 2. His dorm was basebally and was light green.

Nina and Roseia's Dorm-Edit

The two twins dorm was located by Sarah's upstairs.

Myzra's Bedroom-Edit

Myzra's bedroom was located by McGonagall's classroom. In the episode: The Lady, Boo and Nina told Myzra that a lady was spying on them.

Broomstick Cupoard-Edit

This was the classroom of Hazel and is where the students learned how to fly.

Common Room-Edit

The common rooms were located upstairs by Sarah's dorm.

Dance Room-Edit

Is where dances and balls happen at Plumwood. In Part 2, the prom room is attacked and wreacked.