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Professor Beery

Professor Beery is the Herbology teacher at the school of Plumwood. She is the one who planted most of the garden. She planted the strangling plants. She talks to her class about the story of how in her first year at Plumwood, a strangling plant attacked her. Professor Beery's first appearence was in the episode Nina and Roseia. Beery is someone who does not survive. She is boiled by the Bloody Knights. She actually is a part of killing Savage Beast. The strangling plants strangle him and Beery planted those trees. Beery's signature spell is Germinate. Aaron Noble plays as Professor Beery. He would describe her as funny, crazy, laughable, sprouty, and cool. She went to school with the Sink Ghost. The Sink Ghost died before Beery went to her 2nd year at Plumwood. Beery is not in a lot of episodes, but she sure is a one of a kind Herbology teacher!