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Sarah Winkler

Sarah Winkler is Mr. Winkler's daughter. But she isn't as mean and bad as her father. She would actually choose Boo to stay with instead of Mr. Winkler because her father forces her to do what he says. Sarah Winkler is only 7 years old. Her best friend is the Poltergeist. Even though she really likes Boo, she doesn't like to hang out with him. Sarah injures her father in the Last Battle Part 3. She says a shielding charm (Her signature spell) and it hits Mr. Winkler. Her Signature spell is Bulwarka. Rachael Noble plays as Sarah Winkler. She describes her as mighty, nice, kind, incouraging, and funny. Sarah isn't one of Mr. Winkler's minions, she is actually on Boo's side. In the last episode, she says "No father! I choose Boo! You cannot control me anymore!" to Mr. Winkler. He then throws a killing curse at her but she screams and runs. Then he throws a spinning charm at her but she yells "Bulwarka!" and he spins fast and falls to the ground and Sarah manages to escape from her father. Everyone should love this girl! But be careful! She only likes the action packed kids!