Wikia Caretaker

The Caretaker at his garden

The Caretaker is the teacher of Herbology when Professor Beery is absent. The Caretaker is forced to sleep and stay in the gardens of the school or he will be killed by Mr. Winkler. The Caretaker's first appearence was in the episode "The Caretaker". Mr. Winkler put a curse upon the garden so that The Caretaker turns old and keeps getting older until he suffers and dies. But Boo and his friends break the curse. He takes Boo into his secret hideout in Part 2 to show him the Death Stone that can bring people to life or kill them once again. The Caretaker is one character that does and doesn't survive. He is killed by the Contessa in Part 3, but Boo took the Death Stone and brought him back to life. Then he kills the Contessa. The Caretaker is the one that brought the magic creatures and bugs to the forest, and planted some of the garden. But Beery plants the most including the strangling plants. Aaron Noble also plays as the Caretaker. he would describe him as old, brave, bold, caring, daring and kind. The Caretaker is one awesome Herbology teacher!