The Lady
Vital statistics
Title Unknown Name (The Lady)
Gender Female
Age 90's
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Grey
Birthday 1910's
Occupations Spy for Mr. Winkler
Family and Friends The Sister Lady

The Lady was a mysterious old women who wore a cloak and was allied with the bloody knights. Her first appearance was in Battle for the Wand. At the end, she was forced to find Boo. In the Lady, she was hiding and spying on Boo and Nina in Plumwood. She was defeated at the end by Mr. Winkler because she did not get Boo. In Mr. Winkler's Office, Boo and Mason found the Lady's dead body in the closet.

In the Lady Returns, Boo kept having dreams of her. Also in that episode, it was revealed she had another evil sister who would attack Boo some day again which happens at the end.


  • The Battle for the Wand
  • The Lady
  • Mr. Winkler's Office
  • The Lady Returns