The Substitute was an evil little brat in which took over all of Firewood and fleed hopelessly to Plumwood by Season 3 of School of Battle. She first appeared in The Substitute and reprised her roles in Firewood 3 more times making 4 only appearances. But in the series finale of Firewood, she was said to have fleed the country with Judine. In Season 3 of School of Battle in the episode, The Substitute, Substitute returns in a disguise to spy on Boo during a mind reading lesson. In Return to Firewood, The Substitute hears Boo is going back to Plumwood so she follows him there and the students notice that MacCready is missing and she's the new headmaster.

In Part 3, she is shown battling Firewood.


  • The Substitute (first appearance)
  • Judine
  • New Daughter
  • The Mind Reading Sub
  • Return to Firewood
  • The Battle, Part 3 (last appearance)

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