Vital statistics
Title Wendy Willa
Gender Female
Age Young 30's (Used elixir)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Birthday 1940
Occupations Bloody Knight
Family and Friends Contessa

Willa was a witch who was a Bloody Knight. She first appeared in Season 4. Her first appearance was in Mr. Winkler's Diary. Her next appearance was in Planning Prom. In Planning Prom, she attended the meeting on how to plan to attack Plumwood and how Mr. Winkler could call his mates. Her final appearance was in Part 3. She is good friends with Contessa. She also killed Roseia in the Battle, Part 2. She was later killed by Nina.


  • Mr. Winkler's Diary
  • Planning Prom
  • The Battle, Part 2
  • The Battle, Part 3